LET THEM EAT CAKE – The Very Miss Dusty “O”’s Annual Birthday Ball.

Its THAT time of year again. 

 This year is gonna be MAJOR as the legendery GLOBE GIRLS are providing us with a full half hour spectacular show. Known all over the world as THE drag cabaret troupe these girls rarely perform in nightclubs as they are so in demand with A-List parteeeez and the like. Expect AMAZING costume changes , stunning dance routines , uber-talented , west end songstresses and yet more TALENT TALENT TALENT. This is a one off chance to see this amazing show at TRANNYSHACK UK.
PLUS of course the stunning Tasty Tim and Lady Lloyd on the decks !
My beautifull Ladies in Waiting for the evening are Comtesse Vanilla Lush , Duchess Ritzy Crackers , Viscomtesse Glendora Mucklefanny , Mademoiselle Munroe Bergdorf , Madame Myra Davenport and serving wenches Tiff and Bern .
PLEASE DRESS UP UP UP and come and celebrate with me in the style of my heroine MARIE ANTOINETTE. Think Rococo excess and 17th Century glamour.
FREE entry to anyone making a gender bending effort and to those who dress to excess before 12 or those CONFIRMING attendance with this invite.
The party is being filmed for the upcoming TRANNYSHACK television documentary and all the Gay Press will be in attendance so make sure you look your best !

Last but not least there is FREE CAKE !

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